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I am a doctoral scholar and an aspiring comic artist. My research focuses on graphic narratives, ecocriticism, diaspora studies and postcolonial literature. Both my academic and artistic work seek to examine how graphic narratives possess an openness to difference, that is often missing from normative models of discourse, and how this characteristic can be utilized (by artists and scholars alike) to represent marginalized voices be it in conflict spaces, ethnic minority groups, queer spaces or the disabled community. Being an immigrant, I am especially interested in scholarship and artistic work that focusses on diaspora narratives and multicultural identities.

When I am not struggling with academic deadlines, I am trying to illustrate my own comic book/graphic short–a project I have always dreamed of, but only recently started working on. It revolves around life as an immigrant, New York city, and living in between two worlds. A decent chunk of this website will be snippets from the work in progress. The other half will be an attempt at documenting my academic life.

Highlights/How to navigate this maze of a visual resume:

  • I draw things. Comic art, concept designs, stuff without genres. It’s hard to describe. Take a look at it for yourself at the Home for All My Art section.
  • I did this thing where I mixed two mediums: photography and free verse, which led to a visual poem type thing on our favorite city, New York! You can check what it looks like here.
  • I went to MoMA recently and wrote a creative non-fiction/semi-academic paper on Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night— if that sounds like something you are interested in, you can read the whole paper at the Research section of this website; where you can also find a list of academic work I am currently engaged in.

If you like what you see and/or want to collaborate on something, feel free to drop me an email at the addresses provided below.

Social Media Profiles:

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Doodlebug992
Instagram: https://instagram.com/comicsofliminality?igshid=13griwglgvfiv