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On the creative process and its challenges. From a work in progress.

New York, the love of my life.

Excerpt from the first comic presentation at DC.

Finding home.

Once upon a time in Brooklyn.

Excerpt from scrapped wip.

Pop art, self portrait.

For the inexplicable love for museums.


First rejection.

It was once home. Calcutta.

Graphic Medicine. Depicting anxiety in comic form.

MoMA inspired artwork.

First snow of the season!

For the love of reading.

Pranking and other such stories at sea,

I think I want to draw a picture book about this baby dear

Always in-between spaces, always an immigrant.

If I could spend my life working on/with art, I’d be happy forever.

–What if I run out of places to run to.


Sometimes, only sometimes, there’s so much joy in the world, you can’t help but imprint it on canvas.

From being to nothingness.


I think I found literary fiction when I was about four years old. It changed my life forever,

On beautiful, imaginary things.

Some Cohen lovin’

Some days just feel like Monday mornings throughout.

Page from a comic on Climate Change, Dystopia and Diversity.

Time and Being.

To Dadamoni, who left us one unassuming August, six years back.

On feeling like Monday mornings even when it’s not Monday

I think of you whenever the sky breaks down.

On Moving Across the World to find Home

On Love and Longing, Brooklyn 2017.

On Death and Memories that Remain.

A Short Comic on Drawing Comics

Portrait of a very old friend.

– Always playing catch up.

– We are all queer here.

Why humans should take a lesson or two from the non-human world.

Also check out a visual-(photographic)-poem I wrote on our favorite city New York–  here.