CV, Research/Selected Publications


  •  “The Graphic Memoir as a Transitional Object” Assay: A Journal of Non-fiction Studies (March 2019). Web.
  • “On the Threshold of Being and Belonging” Chapter in an Edited Collection Comics and Catharsis: Exploring Narratives of Trauma and Memory in the Graphic Novel. (Accepted, under review; Expected in 2020).
  • “The Queerness of Being” Chapter in Handbook of Comics and Graphic Narratives. 
  • “The Personal is Political: Postcolonial Identity Crisis and Resistance.” Modern Research Studies 3:3 (September 2016). Web.
  • Humanities Commons Deposit on The Starry Night. (Creative non-fiction/semi-academic reflective piece on seeing Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night for the first time in person at the Museum of Modern Arts.)


  •  “Subverting dominant Discourses through Interactive Graphic Narratives” Modern Language Association (MLA); January 2020, Seattle [Upcoming]
  • “You Are Not Your Illness: Narrativizing Identity in Disability and Illness Memoirs”, Modern Language Association (MLA); January 2019, Chicago.
  • “Across Borders and In-Between Spaces” at the South Asian Literary Association (SALA);
    January 2019, Chicago, 2019.
  • “Kamala Khan as Miss Marvel: On Being a Brown, Muslim, Immigrant Superhero”; 50th Anniversary Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA); Washington DC 2019.
  • “Artistic Resistance and Drawing Girlhood” Creative Panel on Writing Girlhood at NeMLA; March 2019.
  •  “Objects, Emotions, and Neocolonialism in Graphic Narratives.” Literature as Activism, 30th Annual Graduate Conference, Stony Brook University, New York, January 2018.
  • “Reworking what Home is through Words and Pictures.” Telling Stories: Rethinking Narrative in Literary and Writing Studies, St John’s University, New York, April 2018.  
  • “Seeing is Saying: Postcolonial Identity Crisis and Resistance in Malik Sajad’s Munnu: A Boy from Kashmir.” Doing Graphic Stories National Conference, Jadavpur University, India, January 12-14, 2017.